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Last week we celebrated 6 months of coworking at Second Shift with a Members’ Potluck Lunch and the presentation of our inaugural Hustle Award – keep reading to find out who won!

We updated our Members page on our website, so you can keep up with who we are and what we’re working on.

Featured Events

Highlighted events sponsored/hosted by Second Shift

September 15: Stronger Chicago Launch Party 

Stronger Chicago has been working with different community organizations to design a platform that will make discovering community work In Chicago easier for everyone, including addressing how community organizations can use technology to reach more people and achieve their goals.
We’ll be providing drinks, snacks, and great networking with community leaders and organizers.

This event is free, but space is limited, so RSVP here.

October 15: “Cross It Off” Day: A No Excuses Event

Do you have something on your To Do List that’s been there for far too long and is now a source of stress, guilt, or feeling like a failure? Do you keep pushing back the “deadline” of a task or project? Are you really good at finding things to work on that aren’t THE thing you actually need/want to be working on? Have a hard time reaching completion? Are you constantly stopping and starting and hamster’ing in the hamster-wheel? Do you enjoy working solo but amongst others whom are also working? Are you ready to finally cross “it” off?

Saya of Mac & Cheese Productions and Katy of Mindful-U have teamed up to bring you an entire day to get it done.
More info & tickets here.

October 18: Beyond The Optics Workshop: How To Get At Real Diversity
Facilitated by Jaime Baim Hansen

Diversity and Inclusion are important in business, no doubt. But lately they’ve sort of become “buzz words” that people tend to float around without much thought. Is diversity easy and always beneficial for every part of a business? No, not necessarily. Is there a way to reconcile the advantages of diversity with some of the more challenging pieces necessary for its execution? Absolutely. In this discussion, we’ll put aside the “PC sensitivities” and have an open and honest conversation, looking at things from a variety of angles. Only then can we really understand the true benefits of diversity and how – with intentional leadership – we can create environments to leverage diverse perspectives to the fullest potential.

This event is free, but space is limited, so RSVP here.

October 24: Stage Might: Public Speaking and Presentation Tips
Hosted with Local By Laramar – Chicago

Ever get nervous when presenting and bungle that important moment? It’s happened to all of us!
We often get stuck when it comes to presenting a concise and catchy version of our ideas and projects, but we can learn to be amazing speakers!
This workshop guides participants through strategies for developing the content and delivery of an outstanding presentation in any setting. We’ll review the “must have’s” of informative and persuasive presentations, discuss methods for reducing nervousness, and go over the essentials for making a great presentation.
This event is free, but space is limited, so RSVP here.

Chicago Events

Other upcoming events of interest to our community and beyond. If you have an event to share, e-mail us: [email protected]

September 15 FWD Collective Summit
September 26 Ignite Talks at Catalyst Ranch
September 27 Women Entrepeneurs and Tech Startups Networking at 2112
October 16-33 Chicago Ideas Week

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