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On Friday, August 25, we opened our doors for Logan Square Coworking Day, an Open House to invite our neighbors in to see what we’re all about. We also had one of our members, Matt, lead a Facebook Advertising Workshop. We encourage our members to take advantage of the Second Shift community and love to see them taking initiative to share what they’re working on!

Featured Events

Highlighted events sponsored/hosted by Second Shift

August 31 – Time Salon: Expanding Social Capital Exchange Thru Timebanking
With Mike Strode of The Kola Nut Collaborative

Coworking spaces are designed to offer a tremendous opportunity for creatives, skilled professionals and entrepreneurs to collaborate on their ideas and projects in real-time in order to locate the most fitting solution to a problem. While these creative, social and intellectual assets may be present, the high saturation can be overwhelming to recall, categorize or track when we need to employ them in the future. Timebanking offers a natural complement for coworking tenants to develop a skills marketplace alongside a time based digital ledger where hours exchanged can be recorded and traded for services in a broader network of members. In this event, we will learn how to map and gain greater access to the social capital in your coworking space with the Kola Nut Collaborative as we develop a timebanking solution which can connect innovators throughout the Chicagoland area. The Time Salon is a facilitated gathering offered by the Kola Nut Collaborative which guides participants through dialogue and practice in communal asset mapping, social economy and non-monetary exchange.

August 31 – Pitch: How to Present Your Amazing Idea

A networking event and panel hosted by Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs – Chicago, and Second Shift.

Please join the Chicago Chapter of Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs and the community-focused coworking space Second Shift for a fun networking event and panel to learn how to best present your bold ideas! Whether you’re pitching investors, securing a media story or just convincing your friends where to go on vacation, learn tools to do it well! Hear proven strategies, best practices and tips from a media expert and established social entrepreneurs. Plus, get the chance to apply it in real time, as you network with other entrepreneurs.

Please RSVP on eventbrite.
Snacks and beverages provided.

September 8 – Game Night!

We love board games at Second Shift, so let’s get together and play them! Strategy games, party games, old classics, all are welcome.

Community members, friends, and guests are welcome. We have tons of games onsite but bring any faves you want to get on the table.
BYOB. Guests can ring the doorbell to be let in.
Game on!

October 15: “Cross it Off” Day: A No Excuses Event

Do you have something on your To Do List that’s been there for far too long and is now a source of stress, guilt, or feeling like a failure?
Do you keep pushing back the “deadline” of a task or project?
Are you really good at finding things to work on that aren’t THE thing you actually need/want to be working on?
Have a hard time reaching completion? Are you constantly stopping and starting and hamster’ing in the hamster-wheel?
Do you enjoy working solo but amongst others whom are also working?
Are you ready to finally cross “it” off?

Saya of Mac & Cheese Productions and Katy of Mindful-U have teamed up to bring you an entire day to get it done.

Bring your unfinished projects, the guilt-ladened items glaring at you from the fridge post-it or that abandoned list of your 2017, er 2015, er 1999 goals. It’s much more fun (and effective) to work on your to-do list when everyone around you is also hunkering down.

Chicago Events

Other upcoming events of interest to our community and beyond. If you have an event to share, e-mail us: [email protected]

September 6 Chicago Innovation Awards 2017 Nominee Reception
September 9 Party Noire Presents: We’re Turning Two, Y’all!
September 11 Startup 101
September 19 Idea Potluck 49

Deep Links

Things we’re reading and paying attention to here at SS HQ

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Freelance Achievement Stickers
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Understanding Credit Card Balance Transfers

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