I’ve been working on CoderDojoChi for the past few years; a nonprofit focused on building a better world for our children through the love of coding. While growing the business, it’s been hard finding a place to call our office, our home. I’ve toured and tested out a few coworking spaces in the past and they didn’t feel right for me, the company, and what we stood for.

When I met Levi and he told me his vision for Second Shift, I was hooked. I watched the space transform from a warehouse looking space to something that I could happily call my office. Outside of having an office, Second Shift offers what is hard to reproduce: A community. Not just a community of people working on their passions, but a community of people who are eager to help each other out. It feels like a second family at times. Each day I look forward to coming in and seeing who’s new, what they’re working on, and how we can all grow together.

Because of the open community nature, I’ve met so many great people who have helped grow the non-profit. In the last month, I’ve met Mark Wills, a seasoned web and product designer, who recently joined Second Shift. He was eager to help fix some of our design problems with CoderDojoChi’s web site. While working with Mark, I vented about the issues in the software development world and how I’d like to fix it via a new venture. And Little Machines was born.

Little Machines builds prototypes for projects, products, and ideas for those who have a spark of an idea but are struggling to bring it to life. While the focus is rapid prototyping, the vision is to bring on green developers and designers on as apprentices.

In the span of 2 weeks, we’ve grown the startup from idea to paying clients and incoming apprentices. This is in part of the amazing community within Second Shift.

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