Coworking FAQ

Below are the most common questions we’re asked about coworking and our community.

If you have a question not listed here please contact us directly and we’re happy to answer all of your questions!


I’ve never tried coworking, whats it like?

At Second Shift, we help people escape the loneliness of working from home and the inefficiency of coffee shop hopping, so they can feel confident, professional, and successful. We do this by providing a comfortable, friendly, productivity-focused and resource-rich workspace. You are welcome to enjoy a free trial day to see how coworking works for you!


What is the seating layout?

We have an open floor plan for our dedicated desk and open workspace seating, along with 2 private conference rooms, 5 private phone/video booths, lounge area, kitchen area, and quiet nooks.


Can I talk on the phone at my desk?

Yep, you sure can while using an inside voice, although we encourage the use of the use of the phone booths and rooms for longer or more private calls.


What type of people work at Second Shift?

We are really proud to be a space that welcomes people of all identities and industries! We have creatives, consultants, entrepreneurs, customer services reps, developers, designers, nonprofits, and pretty much any type of business, freelance, and work from home positions.


Will I get to know other people?

Absolutely, that’s kind of our whole thing. We don’t force it, but we do create lots of opportunities to connect and get to know other members. Everyday members at Second Shift are benefiting from our collaborative and friendly environment.


Can I bring guests or host meetings?

Yes! Our members are able to bring in guests, or host meetings on-site, for no extra charge.


Will I always have a seat?

Yes! We have plenty of space and will always add more furniture and amenities as needed. There are different areas on-site to choose from; even a cozy reading nook for you to relax in when you need a break!


I don’t need coworking, but I’d like to rent meeting rooms or host events. Can I do that?

Yes! Please view our Meeting Spaces page to learn more.


What is the mailbox service?

Our mailbox service is a safe and convenient way to receive mail and small packages. You’ll have your own local address and the ability to view and manage your incoming mail online. To learn more, visit our Mailboxes page.