How we're create a clean and safe coworking space during COVID19

Keeping our community safe

We are committed to providing small businesses and remote workers a safe and clean work environment as we re-open. Here are eight steps we’re taking to allow physical distancing and practice good health while getting out of the house to work.

3x Daily

We have cleaning supplies and wipes everywhere. We are also cleaning surfaces, knobs, and commonly touched surfaces 3x a day.

Creating More Space Between Desks

The floorplan has been updated and chairs have been removed to allow people to work further apart. 

Hand Sanitizer at Every Desk Cluster

Hand sanitizer is available at all entryways and spray hand sanitizer will be availble at every desk and office. Keep those hands clean!

Face Masks in High Traffic Areas

Face masks will be encouraged in all high-traffic areas where social distnacing is not easy. This basically means the kitchen.

Adding Barriers Between Desks

For additional security, we have added barriers between some desks that allows for additional social distancing. 

Sanitized Kitchen Items

All items in the kitchen are sprayed with food-safe disinfectants and dishes all go in the dishwasher at high temperatures.

2x Professional Cleanings

Professional cleanings will double so that the place will be extra clean and will have a nice shine.

Social Distancing Signs

If you want extra space, that’s OK. We will have signs provided that will let other people know.

Need a Quiet, Clean Space? Private Offices available now.

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