The Shift (in Uptown) and Second Shift have been there with me through my primary professional work (innovation consulting) and as I’ve made one of my side hustles more serious.

I was a member at The Shift for a year, when another member hired me onto his consulting project, which was such a relief during a time of slow business! At the same time as I was trying to make a more serious pursuit of my passion of restoring historic tower-bells, two other members helped me shape a winning proposal: now I’m advising the Village of Niles on resurrecting their 17th-century Italian bells. The bells, which had been forgotten about inside their “Leaning Tower of Niles”, have now been prominently featured in The Tribune!

Late this summer I became a member at Second Shift, and when they needed another Community Manager to help run the space once a week, I was thrilled to pitch in. It’s comforting to know that we continue to be here for each other and that we support each others’ passions.

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