Apply The Principles Of Coworking To Energize Your Community

Purpose · Human Connection · Creative Thinking · Collaboration

Second Shift creates energized communities of collaborators towards a shared purpose.

We can work together and build your community.

What is Community?

  1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

  2. A  feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

What Is The Purpose Of Community?

Human connection is a powerful influence in both life and business. Building your community can provide:

  1. Increased profit, productivity, employee retention, and talent attraction
  2. New ideas, opportunities, partnerships, and services
  3. Personal improvement: happiness, fulfillment, identity, energy, and pride

How Does A
Community Building
Program Work?

Identify Purpose · Prioritize Human Connection · Apply Creative Thinking · Embrace Collaboration

First, we’ll work with you to uncover and identify your purpose.

Then, we’ll conduct an assessment and provide a custom solution based on your individual needs, goals, budget, and designed specifically for your purpose.

Within that custom solution we’ll outline a staged implementation plan with different levels of engagement to choose from, according to your own timeline, resources, and capabilities.

After program completion, we’ll conduct a follow-up assessment and collect data to verify and summarize your community’s success, in relation to your specific purpose.

Why Second Shift Community Building?

We’ve been building community for years and for various groups – and we’ve won awards for it too! Here goes:

  • Second Shift was named Best Coworking Space in Chicago, best place to meet new people, and our founders have won awards for Community, Innovation, and Making an Impact in our city.
  • After spending years in physical communities, we’ve observed people transform as a result of community. For example: quitting their job to start their own company, hiring other members of the community, learning and growing their business, and starting a new company with members of the community.
  • Our team is a superstar lineup of 4 professionals from a variety of professional industries and resumes ranging from Fortune 100 companies, to startups, to neighborhood organizations, and individuals on a mission to make a change.
  • We have hundreds of experts in our network and will invite them to work on your program to provide an added level of diversity, and highly-focused expertise.
  • Before working together, we’ll help you identify your true purpose – not just the problem, obstacle, or desire. This true purpose will be your roadmap, and the foundation your community is built on.
  • Not convinced? Watch this quick video of 6 different people sharing their stories of what the Second Shift community has done for them.

Can Community Building Work For Me?

If you’re looking to drive engagement amongst a group of people around a specific purpose, belief, goal, or within a physical space or location, then YES community building can work for you!

Below are a few examples, but community building knows no bounds – if you have any questions regarding how community can work for your cause, contact us to schedule a consultation.


  • Create raving fans for your product or service
  • Create cohesion and a spirit of collaboration and support in a physical environment such as: company office, non profit, coworking space, church, school, gym, residential building, etc
  • Start a dialogue with the residents in your neighborhood in order to get approval to build a new park
  • Design an after-school program to pair youth with the elderly for cross-generational exchange
  • Build rapport, gather people, and implement a process for working together amongst people in a certain area, for example: neighborhood block club, neighbors association, community organization, political office, civic organization, etc