LoganSquarist: Second Shift's First Year In Logan Square

"Walk into any coffee shop on a weekday and you’ll see office-less workers tapping away at their laptops, trying to get work done in a space anywhere other than their kitchen table or living room. But to Nicole Vasquez and Levi Baer, the…

The Single Most Important Reason To Join A Co-Working Space

"For many years, when I “officed” at various independent coffee shops in Chicago, I used my computer lock on a daily basis. A computer lock is what it sounds like, a bike lock for a computer, with a metal nub on one end that you can insert…

Vertabiz Interview with Levi Baer

Levi talks about his history with entrepreneurship and community building, and how he got into coworking, in this two-part interview with Vertabiz.  

VoyageChicago Interview With Levi Baer

  "Levi, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. Nicole Vasquez and I came together to bring Second Shift to life because we both see community building as THE path for…

People + Words Visits Second Shift

Brent Trotter of People + Words visited Second Shift for a day of coworking and a conversation with founders Levi Baer and Nicole Vasquez. He calls his day at Second Shift "one of the most energizing and productive work days I had all year."…

Second Shift Voted Chicago’s Best Coworking Space 2017!

The Chicago Reader recently announced that Second Shift was voted as Chicago's best coworking space for 2017!  

Second Shift Was Featured On START UP TV Show

"Levi creates connections, meeting entrepreneurs and finding other people who can help them succeed. He’s the kind of person who wants to help others thrive. And from that passion, he launched Second Shift, a coworking space that focuses…

The Second Shift founders pitch!

Our founders Levi Baer & Nicole Vasquez talking about their vision for Second Shift at a Pitch event in May, 2017.

"Cross it Off" Event on LoganSquarist

"I left Second Shift inspired, having made new friends and gathered valuable resources for my side businesses. And I feel confident that I can complete a handful of realistic, openly-stated goals in two-weeks’ time." “Cross it Off” Day:…

Nicole Vasquez on Bootstrapping in America

Nicole Vasquez, co-founder of Second Shift and founder of The Shift, speaks with Bootstrapping in America, an interview series by tastytrade.